An atmospheric

Wine Cellar

Monastic wines have been considered one of the best for centuries.
We invite you to a tasting of selected regional wines and famous monastery vineyards.
Enjoy the sublime selection and historic interiors.

Finest Selection

Our winery's offer includes well-known grape varieties from legendary vineyards.
We believe that tasting wines requires a classic setting, so the wine tasting will be accompanied by an appropriately selected culinary offer of appetizers and snacks.
A finest selection of wines from the old continent based on European traditions and the roots of winemaking - from Portugal through Spain, France to Hungary.
A selection that can charm with attention to wine traditions combined with modern and fresh ideas, positively surprising the most refined tastes.


Not only wine

There is no need to convince anyone about the health and mood-enhancing qualities of wine.
Among other beverages, there will be monastic tinctures, honey and beer, which, by supporting our health with their properties,
will refresh not only our body but also our spirit.
We do not forget about true lovers of good coffee and tea, who will also find their specialties here.

Regional wines

Our offer includes wines from young vineyards run by a new generation of Polish and Lower Silesian winemakers.
These certainly include the outstanding vineyards of the Trzebnica Hills near Wrocław, which with their picturesque, mountainous terrain and favorable microclimate provide appropriate conditions for the production of wines.
We offer extraordinary wines from true enthusiasts who prove that Polish wines can successfully compete with the classics of the genre.